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First Promotional Photo from Chicago PD 2x01. 

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Sophia Bush - Chicago PD season 2 promotional picture

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Sophia Bush does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

"When you decide to complete your SIX ALS #icebucketchallenge nominations with six buckets of water getting dumped on you on a day all six of your coworkers are finally on set? Yeah… Don’t give them the buckets before you’ve explained how it works." 

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"You Think It. They Say It." The Real Premieres Sept. 15! Watch full episodes of the Summer Binge, here.

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Fangirl Challenge - [3/10] Female Characters: Kensi Blye

"I’m not angry. In fact, I could slit your jugular vein 11 different ways from where I’m sitting and wouldn’t lose my temper."

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NCIS LOS ANGELES Season 6 Episode 1 Photos Deep Trouble, Pt. II

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Marty Deeks: King of Sadface

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The wasted years, the wasted youth

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